Addictions and Anatomy

Well, today woke up AGAIN later than I wanted to..... me and the alarm just don't see eye-to-eye. I guess it was okay since we did not have our first class today because of another huge anatomy exam tomorrow. But just to make sure that I would be awake for the one class we had today, I made myself a pot of coffee. Yes, a pot of coffee..... 10 cups of bliss (which are actually only 2 for me since I have this MASSIVE coffee mug). Go ahead, call me crazy and that's unhealthy and all the crap people just love to "let me know" about.

The Anatomy of a Coffee Addict

I am okay with my coffee addiction; I can only let one addiction go away at a time......the most current one is smoking. Yes, it's time for me to quit especially since I'm on a tight budget and you know, the price of a pack of cigs in Chicago are not from what I remembered in WI. Just tack on $2 and then don't forget the glorious 10.25% chicago sales tax they just love to throw at you. Plus, I really don't like to go to The Ghetto up the street to get them. Yeah, the joys of the West Side. Anyway, I am also doing it for my health.... I know it is working in my favor towards a healthy physical life, but without a cig for 5 days now is driving me NUTS! It's really bad at night.... I don't have much of a tolerance for things and I end up pacing and moving around a lot. I really miss my menthol Camel No 9's. Call me crazy, but they are like friends.... they give you excuses for mini breaks, calm you down when you are going nuts from studying about the genitalia in anatomy, and keep you from crying when you just can't handle it anymore. Oh, I miss you Camel No 9's and I want one of you right now, but I am taking a stand against you even though some people say that this is not a good week to stop..... is there ever a "good week" to quit? Maybe in someone else's life, but well, mine's a little different.

Wow, totally off the initial subject. Anyway, back to the 10 cups of coffee. One would think that I would be bouncing off the walls and wouldn't be able to sleep for at least 5 hours after that, right? WRONG! Seriously, put me in a dark room, no matter who is talking or how interesting it can be, and BAM! I'm struggling to keep my eyes open. In Anatomical Visualization today, one of the 2nd years, Sara Hegmann introduced us to the interesting world of using Osirix to manipulate 2D and 3D images for the class and future animations. Osirix is free software for Macs and is used widely by Biomedical Visualizers and Radiologists, and what you can do with it if you know how to work it is awesome! I was totally interested in what she had to say, but that dark room kills me every time! I probably look like a fool and important people can probably tell I'm dozing off and I don't care about a thing that anyone has to say, but that's not it! I just can't do it! I hope that this problem doesn't come to bite me in the ass.... we will see in the future....

Well off to study more of the perineum. Yeah, I know I'm normal.


Welcome To My World

Hello everyone! I moved to the city of Chicago, IL from Green Bay, WI to go to Graduate School @ UIC for Biomedical Visualization about 3 months ago. So excited for this opportunity, I didn't think much about the transition that I would have to go through to adjust to living in the 3rd largest city in the US. I mean, how hard could it be? Would it really be that different?

Well to my surprise, I have come to realize in the past 3 months that irony and minute frustrations occur every single day in my life. I may complain about life, but I will be the first one to admit, mine is really not that bad...... it's just ANNOYING! Seriously, I can't count how many times I have JUST missed the bus because I can't cross the street, or when the EL's electricity shuts off and you can literally see the ramp of the stop you get off at right out your window but you can't get out and you sit there for 20 minutes. Yeah, silly situations like this and much more happens all the time! I hope readers will be able to relate to my real-life experiences and if they can't and you are one of those people that is so obnoxiously perfect (I hate you, but want to be like you) I hope you can laugh at me. I just have to keep on laughing to survive since my family told me it was the best medicine.