Disney Did Medical!

And I'm not talking about The Fantastic Voyage! I was listening to Chicago-based current events-based radio show, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me!, while working on my graphic design project and they stated that Disney created a short about the menstrual cycle years ago. Not gonna lie, I couldn't believe it! So what do I do when I want to find out something? That's right, google it! There it was: The Story of Menstruation. Made in 1946, this informative animated cartoon reminds me of Cinderella with the narration, the illustration, and the typical stereotype of women at that time. Some of the absurd taboos that were thought to be true, wow! Not taking a shower during the time?! Gross! Oh, and avoid constipation? Does anyone ever purposely get constipated?! Oh and the end reel, yeah, that doesn't always happen that way. I guess times have changed, you can totally see it through this video. You have to check it out to believe it; I personally thought it was hilarious. What do you think?

School has been interesting of course. I had great reviews on my logo design (I will post the finished piece next week), really need to work on my animation, and I have a Pathophysiology exam this Friday that I should probably be studying for now. So on that note, I'm out!

Video courtesy of youtube.com. The Story of Menstruation. Educational animation by Disney. 1946.


Flashy Halloween

Halloween, one of my favorite holidays, was fantastic this year in Chicago once again. Though there weren't as many crazy costumes in Wicker Park at there was in Boystown last year, it was still pretty entertaining. We had a quite the plethora of characters at our BVIS party though! Some characters from Law & Order SVU, My Little Pony, Rick James, a jockey, the wolf from Little Red Riding hood, a lobster, Dr. House, a knight, bumblebee, a pimp, Lady Gaga, a Black-Eyed Pea, Adam Lambert and some groupies is just an overview of everyone that attended. Of course, there was me of course as Lady Flash. I liked the costume because of all the red and it was one of the most covered costumes at the costume shop. I know Halloween is a time to skank it out, but newsflash: IT'S COLD IN CHICAGO! Plus, I just didn't want to do that since all of them are short.... don't quite have the thighs for that.... but I compensated with the costume by using hair extensions and hot rollers. Anyway, it was still a hit. I don't know what it is; I wasn't going for sexy at all, but it worked out that way. I'm not complaining at all, but still kinda unexpected for me that night. I have curves and I guess people like it.... I could probably make a potato sack hot. :D

I have to say my fave costume that night was Glambert as shown with me above. That took some effort and research and I think it turned out fantastic. I'm surprised that I didn't see any other Adam Lamberts that night, which makes it even more great. Great job dear! Gaga was pretty amazing too. Almost all of the costumes I saw were pretty much easily recognizable. It was great to hang out with almost everyone in my class since most of the time we just go to class and don't have time to hang out as much as we did last year. It must have been a good night though since I lost my phone... and accidentally left my camera at the party.

Yes, it was a good night, and I tend to have a little bit too much fun since I am not able to as much as I did before. Plus, it doesn't help when your tolerance is down at the same time. I didn't get sick and I didn't feel that bad the next day though, so that was nice. But now I'm on the quest for another phone, since that was a whole story in itself (someone found it in the leaves in front of my apartment and was supposed to drop it off with a friend of mine, but never did), but I have a Blackberry Tour in the mail right now and I can't wait to play with it! I wanted an iPhone, but being a very happy US Cellular customer, I did not want to cancel and go to AT&T which I heard has the worst calling, 3G, and customer service. We will see if I like it!

Photo courtesy from Jessica on Facebook.com. Adam Lambert, groupie and Lady Flash. October 2009.