The Branding Process Part 3: Print Advertising

Now that the logo was created to easily identify the brand/product, advertising is the next step. A company may have an awesome product with a fantastic logo, but without advertising no one would know about it. That doesn't help much, does it?

My thought process behind creating the print ad series was to create something approachable with plenty of open space to entice individuals to stop and take a look at the ad and encourage them to find out more. I made the cell characters to reflect the textual content included, the simplified way Promeaga works, and to make the ad welcoming as well as a bit humorous. I decided to have them as the main focus with lots of white space to keep the ad clean and in contrast from other ads (You have seen them. Many are so bright, content-filled, and busy to attract the consumers' eyes that they look like the many other ads and completely lose purpose because of this.). The logo is clean, modern, and a bit carefree so I wanted that to be expressed in the ad as well through the design and the colors used.

So there you have it. Full, half, and quarter page ads.

Promeaga ad series. Lindsey Pionek. 2009. Adobe Illustrator and InDesign CS4.

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