Skating Skeleton?

On the Vancouver Olympics broadcast last night male short program took the stage. Though I prefer female figure skating, it was fun to see and analyze the interesting costumes. Feathers, pleather, sequins, pink, mesh, spandex, you name it. It was all there.

Then Belgian Kevin Van Der Perren came to the rink in an skeleton-inspired one piece. Though not anatomically correct in the least bit, the costume got my uniform pick of the night (well, as well as Johnny Weir :D ).

Not based on anatomy, or costume for that matter, but now about another Lindsey. Unfortunately, all the apprehension around Lindsey Jacobellis and her competition in Olympic snowboard cross is over. If you did not know, she was way in the lead during the snowboard cross competition in the Torino Winter Olympics and was this close to gold, until she pulled a method in the second to the last jump and fell to lose first place and receive silver. Four year later at a new Olympics, she was ready to redeem herself. Unfortunately, Lindsey lost her balance in the semifinal round and veered through an out-of-bounds gate, automatically disqualifying her. She has the talent, that's for sure, but the poor girl doesn't seem to have luck on her side when it comes to competing in the Olympics. My heart goes out to her.

Photo courtesy of thebiglead.com and zita.be. Kevin Van der Perren performing short program at 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. 2010.

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