The Branding Process Part 4: Website

Finally, the last part of the branding process, at least in this case, is the creation of a website to promote individuals to get on the web to check out the brand and/or the product for more information. With the Internet playing a big part in society today, individuals would look at you like you were crazy if you did not have a website that they could check out. Since most individuals would identify with the print advertising, I wanted the website to work with the approachable and friendly-looking characters as well. Though this is just the design of the entrance and a supplementary page, I would want this website to be dynamic and have Flash or Java functionality. This would easier to explain the front page. My idea is that the friendly cells would pop up on the screen and when you hover over them, they would enlarge and the voice bubble would pop up displaying which main page the cell would navigate you to. In this example, you could click on the one being hovered over and the next loaded page would be the "About Promeaga" page. The branding standards that I have created are followed with the website as well and is easily identifiable as a brand. What do you think?

Promeaga website design index and about page. 2009. Lindsey Pionek. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS4.

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