Biomedical Visualization on Chicago News

So exciting! Biomedical Visualization at UIC was presented on the CBS 2 Chicago News this evening. Program Director, Scott Barrows and students Leslie White and Michaela Calhoun (with a cameo by Erin Stevens) were interviewed for the newscast. I think they did a great job showing what we do in our unique program. Props!

Furthermore, the newscasters seemed quite impressed with our unusual skill set, calling us "Renaissance men and women, like Leonardo da Vinci for this century". You can see a video of the newscast by CLICKING HERE or checking out the article HERE!

More news about our program and the people in it. Three Biomedical Visualization students, myself included, were selected as winners and finalists in UIC's 2010 "Image of Research" competition. Congrats to me, Lindsey Brake and Annie Campbell! Take a look HERE!

Hands off! to H1N1. Finalist in UIC's Image of Research. Lindsey Pionek. 2010. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

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